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Which Type Of Wedding Planner Do You Need?

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Now that you've decided you need a wedding planner, the next question is which type of planner? If you weren't aware that there are a variety of wedding planner styles and specialties, you may miss out on the right person for your big day. To help you find them, here's a short guide to the five most common styles. 

1. Full Planner

As the name suggests, a full wedding planner is your go-to resource for everything from conception to execution of the big day. They serve as a couple's go-between with a wide range of vendors, fix problems that arise, manage the guest list, ensure the right supplies are ordered and delivered, and oversee the decor and setup for both the ceremony and reception. 

2. Partial Planner

Many couples have already planned out some elements of their wedding or have trouble delegating tasks to others. If this is you, you can turn to a partial or part-time wedding planner for help with just the parts you want. Don't like to deal with vendors, for example? The part-time planner can take over this task for you, drawing on their network of providers and experience working with them. 

3. Short-Term Planner

If you don't want or can't afford a long-term planner, the next best thing is a short-term planner. This person comes in toward the end of the planning period — typically the final month or even the big day — and coordinates the execution of your vision. This way, you can better enjoy your nuptials. 

4. Destination Planner

Destination weddings are partially the same as local weddings, but they also have many differences. You deal with a strange city or country and unknown vendors, can't do many things in person, and have to make travel plans at the same time. Work with a local wedding planner with experience managing these unique nuptials to be your eyes and ears. 

5. Event Designer

Do you need help taking your disparate ideas and creating a cohesive and fabulous event? Then you may need an event designer. While wedding planners generally do their best to make the couple's plans come to fruition, a designer helps that couple figure out what they really want and how it will work best. 

Where to Learn More

Which type of wedding planner fits your needs? Find out by meeting with a wedding planning service in the area of your wedding today. No matter which you select, the result will be a very happy couple on a very happy day. Contact local wedding planning services to learn more.