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Decorating for a Garden Wedding Ceremony: 3 Thoughtful Touches

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Hosting a garden wedding ceremony at a local wedding chapel can be a wonderful way to bring the beauty of nature to your nuptials. Decorating the outdoor venue, however, can be a challenge. If you are unsure about how to decorate your outdoor wedding ceremony venue, here are some thoughtful touches to consider.

Drape the Gazebo

If your venue has a gazebo, you can use this space for the actual ceremony. The beautiful design of traditional gazebos can make for a stunning backdrop in pictures and your wedding video. You can dress up this area even more by draping it with tulle, garland, and flowers. Work with a florist to create a custom look for the gazebo that incorporates the flowers you'll be using in the bridal bouquet. If your outdoor venue does not have a gazebo, fear not. You can rent one from a local party rental company to create the perfect perch for you and your future spouse to declare your love for one another.

Use Chair Tiebacks

Adding fabric chair covers can seem a bit out of place in an outdoor wedding ceremony, but you can still adorn the chairs you use for your big day with simple tiebacks. Your wedding chapel may already have some you can use for the chairs, or you can have your wedding planner arrange to rent these adornments. Consider a palette of white or cream for each chair, or opt for your wedding colors to bring more of the theme into the ceremony. You can even have a single flower tucked into each tieback to create a nature-inspired look.

Create a Wood Plank Aisle

One challenge that brides face when hosting an outdoor wedding ceremony is finding even footing as they walk down the aisle. You can avoid this problem while also adding extra style to your wedding venue by adding a wood plank aisle. Your party rental company should be able to provide flooring to use as an aisle, and the flooring can range from sleek, polished wood to designs with a more rustic finish.

Be sure to choose the look that best matches your wedding theme and your event space. For example, a wedding held in the garden of a quaint country wedding chapel offers a perfect setting for an aisle with a distressed wood or whitewashed finish. Of course, other options, such as tile, are available to suite your personal style preferences. Ask services like Pristine Chapel Lakeside for design advice to find the perfect flooring for your ceremony.