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Bringing A True Country Feel To Your Farm Wedding Venue

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If you are looking for a simple, rustic country feel for your wedding, there are a few unique touches you can use to bring out the best in your farm wedding venue. Here are a few options you can use to create the perfect look for your special day.

Hay Bale Seating

Instead of using traditional folding chairs for the ceremony and reception, consider using hay bales instead. This option offers an authentic country look while also offering a bit of flexibility for seating areas. You may be able to fit more people on the bench-style hay bales, which makes it easier to plan for all of your guests. To provide a bit of added comfort, and to prevent hay from sticking to apparel, use simple white fabric to cover the seats. Be sure that the fabric only covers the top, as you want the look of the hay to show through.

Mason Jar Drinks

Ditch the champagne flutes and rocks glasses for your country wedding. Use mason jars to bring that "down on the farm" feel to your wedding. These jars provide a classic, simple look, and they can be used to serve a wide variety of drinks. Use them to serve iced tea, soda, or mixed drinks, and add colorful straws to bring a fun finishing touch to cocktail hour. You can also use large mason jars as centerpieces on your tables. Fill them with wildflowers, and tie twine around each one into a bow to complete the country look at each table.

Hay Rides

If your farm venue is very large, you may want to consider using hay rides to transport guests from the parking area to the ceremony/reception area. Work with the venue and your party planner to set up these rides, and be sure to have fabric covering the hay bales for added guest comfort. You can have the rides towed by a tractor or by horses to bring even more of the farm-style country feel to the wedding. After the reception, use the hay ride as a way for you and your spouse to leave the venue and start your lives together. This touching sendoff makes the perfect ending to a traditional country wedding.

Work with your party planner and photographer to identify locations at the farm wedding venue you can use for your wedding party photo shoots. You may find that some areas not available for use during the reception can be used to create the perfect wedding photos. Ask about other features of the farm you can use for your special day, and use them to realize your dream country wedding.

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