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Creating Memories To Impress Forever - Advantages Of Getting Married By Elvis

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Wedding planning can be incredibly stressful and leave you wishing that you could run away from all the anxiety and expense. Giving in to that temptation can often be a positive decision, but just because you're not going to have a traditional ceremony doesn't mean that there aren't opportunities for you to create unique memories for a lifetime.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of deciding to be married by an Elvis Presley impersonator. Rather than feeling like you've been all shook up by a strenuous wedding process, an Elvis wedding can be a wonderful affirmation of love that will guarantee that you have stories to impress forever.

A Unique Story

Very few people know anyone who has been bold and adventuresome enough to stray off the beaten path and grab a wedding experience that truly speaks to them. A loving wedding is one where you and your partner can share your devotion to each other, and not one where you feel drowned by pageantry.

Being married by Elvis will guarantee that you always have an icebreaker story for any occasion for the rest of your life. You'll also quickly be able to determine how many people wish they had the courage that you display as they express jealousy that you were able to write your own story.

Unabashed Expression Of Love

The traditional adornments around a wedding are ostensibly the result of a finely tuned service that's designed to be a clear expression of love and devotion. Unfortunately, that message tends to get lost in petty squabbles over seating arrangements, dresses, and the freshness of flowers.

In many ways, nontraditional weddings are more pure in their display of the commitment a couple has to each other. If you're truly in love, the location where you're married won't be something that stands in your way. Being married by Elvis is just another affirmation that your relationship is comfortable, positive, and based on love.

Demonstration Of Fandom

It stands to reason that the people most susceptible to being married by Elvis are Elvis fans, and the fit is natural. His music has lasted through the decades and remains a staple of any definition of the classics, and his cultural impact may have been even larger. As a committed Elvis fan, getting married by Elvis is a great way to demonstrate that commitment and help guarantee that that legacy can continue on.

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