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3 Bridal Lehenga Shopping Tips For Plus-Sized Brides

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Every bride wants to look beautiful in her bridal attire, and nearly every bride worries that they won't. Plus-sized women sometimes have more anxiety than most, and that can make shopping for the perfect bridal attire even more stressful. But don't worry – you can rock a bridal lehenga on your wedding day. Indian wedding attire is very versatile and can suit brides of any shape and size. You just need to find the cut, colors, and styles that are right for you. Take a look at some shopping tips that you can use to help you find the right lehenga for your particular body type.

Know Your Body Shape

The term "plus-sized" isn't a body shape in and of itself. It simply describes a range of sizes, and the women who fit in those sizes have a range of body shapes, just like smaller women do. Don't make the mistake of thinking that as long as the lehenga is the right size, it will be flattering. Body shape matters.

You can start by getting your measurements. If you buy your lehenga in a store, the shop assistant will most likely measure you before you get anywhere near a dressing room. But if you're looking to buy bridal lehenga online, you can get the measurements yourself. Body shape is about the relationship between your bust, waist, and hip measurements. If you're apple-shaped, your shoulders and bust will be broader than your hips. Banana-shaped women have less-defined waists that measure less than 9 inches smaller than their hips or bust. Pear-shaped women are heaviest in the hip area and smaller on top. Hourglass women have roughly equal hip and bust measurements, with a defined, narrower waist.

Once you identify your body shape, you'll have a better idea of what style lehenga you should be looking for. Pear-shaped women will look best in an A-cut lehenga. If you're heavier in the bust area, look for a U-shaped or V-shaped neckline. Fish-cut lehengas that hug the waist and flare out around the ankles look amazing on women with hourglass shapes or banana shapes.

Accentuate Your Skin

Don't be afraid to show some skin! Don't go overboard, of course, but don't feel like you have to cover up more than any other bride just because you're shopping in the plus sizes. Too much dress can actually make you look bigger – short sleeves or a scooped neckline give the eye a break from the fabric, whereas extra layers just add bulk, and long sleeves and a neckline up to your chin can give the impression that all that fabric is holding you in, making you appear bigger than you really are.

Make the most of the skin that you do show by choosing beautiful colors that complement your skin tone. If you have dark skin, opt for maroon, mauve, or olive. If you're fairer, go with bright red, royal blue, or shocking orange. Women with medium skin tones can go either way. Choosing a lehenga in a solid color rather than a pattern can have a slimming effect, but you can also use embroidery and sequins strategically – position the sparkles and decoration over the areas you most want to draw attention to. For example, if you want to deemphasize your arms and accentuate your bust, choose a lehenga with a matching jacket that has decoration on the front, but not on the sleeves.

Account For Your Height

In addition to size and shape, your height matters as well. If you're tall, your lehenga should come to the top of your heels, but no further than that. A floor length lehenga will make you appear taller than you already are. Look for one that comes with a long choli, though – draping yourself with a flowing choli will give you a graceful, willowy look.

Short women should do the opposite. If you're short, you want the lehenga that at least hits the floor, maybe even one that grazes the floor by a few inches, at least in the back, but with a short choli that doesn't require complicated draping. This combination tricks the eye and makes you look a bit taller – of course, adding a pair of high heels won't hurt either.

You may want to consider shopping online, as it will give you access to widest possible range of colors, cuts, and styles, making it easier for you to find a lehenga that you love. Once you do find the right one, wear it with confidence – you'll look amazing on your special day.