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Creating Extravagant Weddings On A Budget

6 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Elope

If you’re trying to figure out whether to have a traditional wedding or to elope, there are many different things to consider. Both choices have advantages and disadvantages. It ultimately boils down to your personal choice and circumstance. Eloping seems to be... read more

About Me

Hello, my name is Marcus. Welcome to my site about weddings. As a kid, I always loved to comb through the celebrity weddings to view all of the extravagant attire and decorations. I also enjoyed viewing the chosen venues for the ceremony and reception. Although these over-the-top weddings look like a lot of fun, funding them can feel like a nightmare. I created this site to help people create incredibly complex and engaging wedding plans without breaking the bank. I hope to share budget, venue, attire, decoration and food ideas that never look low cost. I welcome you to come back anytime to learn more.