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5 Things You Can Only Judge By Visiting Wedding Venues In Person

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With the advent of virtual tours, online reviews, and sleek websites, it may sometimes feel like a couple doesn't even need to tour potential wedding venues in person. But there are some key ingredients that you simply can't accurately gauge unless you visit in person. Here are a few of the most important. 

1. The Surrounding Area

While the actual venue is the most important part of its ambiance, what you experience when you're coming and going will have a big impact. Is the venue easy to reach from local transportation options? Is it in a reasonably nice, safe area? Is the drive naturally beautiful? How is the parking? Is it in a noisy neighborhood or surrounded by industrial buildings? Answer these questions on your own visit. 

2. How Large or Small It Is

Most people can't accurately judge true sizes based solely on a set of numbers. You need to stand in a space to determine whether it feels sufficiently large, cozy, cramped, or oversized. What may appear one way in carefully-planned photos (or even in a poorly-made video) might feel entirely different in person. 

3. Your Other Senses

Pictures and videos give you an idea of what spaces look like, but they don't tell you what they sound like, smell like, taste like, or feel like. When you and your guests are in the space in person, you want to find the venue enjoyable to all the senses. So you'll want to pay attention to all the clues you can only get by being there. 

4. How the Staff Are

Great staff and management at a venue will make your wedding the best it can be. You can get a preliminary idea of how the staff is at a particular venue through emails, texts, and phone conversations. But the best way to gauge how well you will work together is to spend some time with them in person. 

5. Your Gut Feeling

Finally, don't overlook your personal feelings. Your wedding day is a subjective experience. You want to plan a day that makes you happy—not one that pleases others. So if you only go on recommendations, you rely on the impressions of others with their own priorities. To find your gut feelings about a venue, you must enter it yourself and assess how it makes you instinctively feel. 

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