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Tips To Successfully Budget For Your Wedding Flowers

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You are not alone if you struggle with how much of your wedding budget to allocate for flowers. When your only experience buying flowers is sending an occasional arrangement for holidays or funerals, it is impossible to relate those floral purchases to buying all the flowers for a wedding.

To ensure you allocate funds correctly for your wedding's flowers, here are some tips:

Tip: Set Aside the Floral Budget in the Beginning 

One mistake many couples make is not putting aside the money for flowers in the initial wedding budget. They aren't sure how much floral arrangements and bouquets will cost, so they enter a ballpark guess. When the time arrives to order their flowers, the couple discovers their guess is completely wrong.

To avoid over- or under-budgeting the flowers for your wedding, find out the actual costs early in the budget process and allocate the necessary amount.

Tip: Understand Your Wedding's Color Palate Affects Floral Choices and Costs

Although flowers bloom in every color of the rainbow, the more obscure-colored flowers are rarer and come with a much higher price tag.

For example, if your wedding colors are white and blue and your heart is set on big, blue hydrangeas for your bouquet, you can expect to pay a premium. 

Alternatively, if your wedding colors are white and red, you have nearly unlimited options for red flowers at all price points.

While you likely won't let floral costs dictate your wedding's color palate, keep this aspect in mind when making your choice.

Tip: Realize Floral Choices and Prices Vary by Growing Seasons 

Spring has historically been popular for weddings because of the overabundant availability of fresh flowers. Flowers blooming all over the country are more accessible and less expensive for your florist to acquire. This makes them less costly for you to purchase.

On the flip side, if you are planning a December wedding when most flowering plants aren't flowering, then your flowers will be imported or greenhouse-grown, which makes them higher-priced.

Tip: Use Combinations of Flowers for Savings

Finally, if you want to save money on the flowers for your wedding, consider mixing your beloved, expensive flowers with less expensive greenery and stems. 

For example, setting off the beautiful pink designs of stargazer lilies against a background of greenery and white dots of baby's-breath makes the lilies the focal point without the added cost of large groups of lilies.

Combining allows the florist to fill out your bouquet and arrangements, so they look amazing but aren't packed with only expensive flowers.

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