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Benefits Of Spending Time With Your Officiant Before Your Wedding

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In advance of your wedding, it's important to take the time to speak to a few different officiants so that you can choose the one who will be the best fit for your big day. While some people favor hiring an officiant after one meeting and not seeing them again until the day of the wedding, another option is to spend some time with the officiant before your wedding day. There are several ways to do so, including going for coffee, having informal chats, and more. Here are some benefits of you and your soon-to-be spouse spending some time with your officiant before you get married.


It can be easy to get a little anxious on your wedding day, especially as the ceremony begins. When you've spent time with the officiant, you'll find that it's a comfort to see them standing near you and hear their voice. If you haven't spent time with this professional, they might essentially feel like a stranger — which won't do anything to help give you a feeling of calmness. You want to be as calm and relaxed as possible during the wedding ceremony, and feeling comfortable around your officiant as a result of spending some time together can certainly help in this regard.

Personal Remarks

When you don't spend much time with the officiant, they have little choice but to deliver a standard set of remarks during your wedding ceremony. While this might be fine for some people, it doesn't give a personal touch that others enjoy. Getting together with the officiant a handful of times in the months prior to your wedding will give them a chance to get to know you a bit, and this can influence how they deliver their remarks. It can be fun to hear the officiant inject a few comments about you and your significant other as they speak to your guests.


Spending time with your officiant can give you a chance to learn some valuable advice from them. During your conversations, they'll likely share a few wedding ceremony tips that they've learned from officiating other peoples' weddings. Learning a few tips that you may not have previously considered can make your day more enjoyable. The officiant may also share some advice about building a happy marriage, which is something that should be a priority for you from your wedding day forward. Look online to find a wedding officiant in your area and get in touch with them to set up a meeting.