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Bringing The Aura Of The Tropics Into Your Wedding Scheme

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If you always dreamed of having a destination wedding on a tropical island, but you cannot afford to foot the bill for the cost it involves, hosting a wedding with a beach theme is an alternative. Consider trying some of the following tips to incorporate the feeling of being in the tropics into your wedding, giving guests and yourself the pleasure in participating in an event sure to be remembered for years to come. Use these ideas to make a backyard wedding feel like a trip to an island.

Set Up A Spot For Play And Memories

Guests will enjoy being able to bask in the sunlight and feel sand between their toes. Set up one area of your back yard to be used for sand play. Purchase several bags of sand and pour them over a tarp that you set on the ground. Provide guests with several beach chairs in the area so they can sit down and pretend they are on the shoreline. Sand toys can be used to make castles and umbrellas can aid in keeping guests cool if desired. This spot can be used for picture-taking opportunities. Add silly sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats, decorative flip-flops and other beach-themed apparel in a wicker box to be used by guests in the area. Keep a photographer nearby to capture these moments.

Use Bright Colors, Fresh Scents, And Cool Breezes

To aid in giving your backyard a tropical feel, incorporate bright hues wherever possible. Purchase blow-up flamingos, parrots, palm trees, and other colorful island-inspired décor to use in your yard. These items should be positioned strategically so festive colors are visible in all areas. Use coconut or citrus scented candles to aid in pleasing the olfactory sense of those present. Plug in small fans to help in dispersing these scents and in giving guests delightful breezes.

Give Guests Tropical Treats To Enjoy At The Ceremony And At Home

Provide guests with an array of beach-themed cuisine to enjoy. Fresh seafood, exotic fruit bowls, and delectable cocktails will make guests feel as if they are spending time at a resort during their stay. Host the event buffet-style so guests can pick their favorite dishes as well as try some new island fare. Give each visitor a memento of the special day to take home for later usage. A glass container full of sand and shells or a hand-inscribed sand dollar with a personalized message will be sure to please each guest. 

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